Video Game Programming. Robotics. Coding.

YTLC is committed to S.T.E.M Education and Home-School is a large education base in Georgia. We can tailor our S.T.E.M programs for small or larger groups with flexibility of scheduling Monday through Sunday. We offer the following classes:

YTLC Early Simple Machines - (ages 3 to 6)
YTLC Robotics I - Beginning Level (ages 6 to 8)
YTLC Robotics II - Intermediate Level (ages 7 to 9)
YTLC Robotics III - Advanced High Tech (ages 9 and up)
Kids Computer Science Coding (varied levels for ages 3 and up)
Digital Animation - (suggested ages 6 and up)
Video Game Design & Coding - (suggested ages 9 and up)
MineCraft Mod Coding - (suggested ages 9 and up)
Multimedia - (suggested ages 9 and up)
Windows and Microsoft Office - (suggested ages 12 and up)
We offer discounts on two classes or more and can provide multi-class programs to meet the Georgia Requirements for STEM Education.
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